Jim & LeAnn, Founders

Over the last 25 years, Jim Hansen has used hard work, determination, and attention to detail to lead the Hansen family petroleum business from a small, regional operation to become one of the largest privately owned petroleum distributors in the western United States. With his expertise, it didn’t take long for Jim and his wife LeAnn to decide that making the investment to start Kyäni was the right thing to do. They saw it as an opportunity to not just change lives by providing improved nutrition, they also recognized the potential for Kyäni to improve the lives of people financially as well. Jim says, “We’ve met people all over the world who have improved their health with Kyäni products.” He adds, “Kyäni gives people opportunities that—without it—they’d have no ability to do on their own.”

Jim’s hands-on leadership enables him to understand every nuance of the business because he works shoulder to shoulder with his employees. From driving trucks and taking inventory, to negotiating multimillion-dollar deals in the boardroom, Jim Hansen possesses the unique combination of practical experience, discipline, and business acumen that ensures success in all of his business ventures, and an especially bright future for Kyäni.

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